Family bicycle ride from Alcoy to Villalonga

The old railway line from Alcoy to Villalonga will be the setting for the latest edition of the “Amb Bici per la via Verda”. On the journey cyclists will pass through Cocentaina, Muro, Gaianes, Beniarres and L’Orcha. The event is designed to get the entire family out riding their bicycles and to promote the Greenways around the region.

Speaking about this year’s ride Cocentaina Councillor of Sports Saúl Botella said: “Not only do people go out with their bikes in summer, they also use them throughout the year and the Greenway is one of the places they love to ride their bikes the most”.

In order to take part in the event, you must pay 4 euros. Registration includes breakfast in Beniarrés, accident insurance and transport back to Alcoy. Participants will be taken back to Alcoy in buses with their bikes following behind in trucks.
For more information and to register, click on the link: Amb Bici per la Via Verda – 30 de setembre de 2018.


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