The city of Alcoy is comprised of six distinctive neighbourhoods’ radiating out from the centrally located Plaza de España where you will find the blue-domed Santa Maria church and the town hall.

Zona Centro

The Zona Centro is the “Old Town” of Alcoy full of historical buildings and charming cobblestone streets. It is also the home of the city’s university and post office.

Zona Norte

Of all the districts in Alcoy, the Zona Norte is the newest part with well laid out streets, including a magnificent tree-lined boulevard with a central pedestrian walkway.  Zona Norte is also home to a large city park and the region’s main hospital,   Verge dels Lliris.



Zona Alta Cami

This is one of the quietest areas of Alcoy. It has parks and some shops, but for serious shopping or going out you need to go into the centre of town. Most of the construction in this part of the city is new build and a great place to live if you like panoramic views and a reprieve from the summer heat.

Zona Eixample

Connected to the centre of the city by the Art Deco Saint Jordi bridge Eixample is home to the city’s most fashionable shopping street Alameda Avenue and the Alzamora shopping centre.

Zona Santa Rosa

Close to the city centre for shopping and within walking distance of the towns’ football stadium, Santa Rosa has all kinds of shops and bars and is where the young people of Alcoy go to party. All the late night discos are bunched together away from residential housing.

Zona Batoi

Almost set away from the city with Santa Rosa the closest shopping district, Batoi has a regular bus service that connects it to other areas of the city. In Batoi you will find Alcoyano football stadium and a popular Sunday outdoor market.