Alcoy retirees meet to discuss the State Pension

Called to coincide with the International Day of Older Persons, pensioners from Alcoy met yesterday, October 1st in the Plaza de España to voice their concerns.

Event coordinator, Antonio Matarredona, was the first to speak, while actress, Neus Agulló read a manifesto agreed with UGT and CCOO.

Among the issues discussed was the protection of the public pension system, with those gathered in the Plaza de España being told that the Toledo Pact is provisional and not binding.

Matarredona said: “Retirees have a very serious problem with pensions, but if we do not fix it now, our children and grandchildren can have a desperate situation, so we must all fight regardless of age.”

The Toledo Pact (Spanish: Pacto de Toledo) was an ambitious reform of the Spanish social security system approved by the Spanish parliament on 6 April 1995, aimed at streamlining and guaranteeing the future of the Spanish social security system. The background to the reform was a series of recommendations by the World Bank in 1987 and the Delors White Paper in 1993.

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