Emergency Telephone Numbers

Emergency Telephone Numbers
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All emergencies in Spain: Call 112 (no area code needed).
The responder will speak a number of languages, and it is also possible to fax or SMS the emergency number in case of disabilities. You can also visit the Urgencias (emergency) department of any hospital. You can always reach 112, even on a mobile phone without a Spanish SIM card.
Ambulance (ambulancía) and health emergencies
Ambulance (ambulancía) and health emergencies Call 061 or 112
Fire brigade (cuerpo de bomberos)
Fire brigade (cuerpo de bomberos) Call 080 or 112
Local police (policía municipal)
Local police (policía municipal) Call 092. The municipal police cover their local town or city area for traffic offences and control, lost property and crimes such as theft and neighbourhood disputes.
Civil Guard (guardia civil)
Call 062. This is a military force that operates mostly in rural areas and is responsible for drug offences, fatal car accidents, robberies and murders.
National Spanish police (policía nacional)
National Spanish police (policía nacional) Call 091 or visit www.policia.es and contact the appropriate department online. You can also find them on Twitter @policia

The national police mainly work at an urban level in the areas of terrorism, national security and combating crime.


Emergències de tot tipus


Policia local

96 553 71 45

Policia local (Dept. vehicles)

96 553 71 45

Protecció civil

96 553 71 14

Oficina d’ajuda víctimes del delicte

96 554 90 52


96 533 04 28


96 559 24 51

Hospital Verge dels Lliris

96 553 74 00

Centre de salut La Fàbrica

96 652 77 00

Centre de salut La Bassa

96 652 87 50

Centre de salut Plaça de Dins

96 652 77 50

Centre de salut Zona Alta

96 652 78 00

Centre de salut Batoi

96 533 56 64

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