Alcoy has failed in its attempts to change the days of the upcoming Copa del Rey match against Real Madrid

Alcoy has tried unsuccessfully to change the day of the game against Real Madrid and was only able to delay the kickoff. The match was initially set for 20:00, but because of the Three Kings celebrations, Alcoy was able to delay the start time until 21:30.

The City Council asked the club to do everything possible to change the day of the match, something that it could not achieve, among other things, because Real Madrid plays on January 2 and 8. The change of day did not bear fruit, but it did manage to delay the match schedule until 21:30 so that it coincides as little as possible with the oldest Three Kings parade in Spain.

Because of the Three Kings parade, which is expected to have between 15 and 20 thousand spectators providing security for the event and what is arguably the biggest football match of the year, is posing a challenge.
Tickets are on sale now for the match to club members and will go on sale to the general public from December 23 with prices of between 40 and 90 euros.

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