The two people admitted to the ICU with COVID-19 are not vaccinated

The Alcoy City Council has requested “prudence and responsibility of the public in the face of the rise in covid cases. ” Their statement highlighted the main difference between the current situation and that of a year ago: “vaccination.”

“At the moment, there are 14 people admitted to the ward and two in the ICU; both are not vaccinated. That is why the vaccination of citizens is essential. An extra vaccination point will be set up from the Public Health area for those who have not yet been vaccinated, starting Thursday at the Mare de Déu dels Lliris Hospital”; sources from the Alcoy consistory have reported.

They have also pointed out that “according to the study prepared by the General Directorate of Analysis and Public Policies of the Generalitat Valenciana, vaccination reduces the number of hospitalized and admitted to the ICU by 75% and 90% of deaths. This study also reveals that people diagnosed with covid-19 not vaccinated or with incomplete vaccination multiply by two the risk of being hospitalized and that the risk of death is multiplied by three in the case of those who are not vaccinated.”

The mayor of Alcoy, Antonio Francés, has once again publicly asked citizens to “continue to maintain security measures, follow all the recommendations before such special dates and it is very important that those who have not yet been vaccinated do so for personal responsibility for themselves and the people around them.”

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