Could Spain introduce stricter restrictions for the Christmas holidays?

Just last month, the idea of Spain reintroducing stricter measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 seemed like it would not happen. Thanks to a successful vaccination campaign Spain had one of the lowest infection rates in Europe and was well on the way to establishing herd immunity. On November 19th, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said:

“This Christmas is going to be better than the last due to the low number of infections.”

However, we are now ten days away from Christmas. The infection rate has gone from 63 cases per 100,000 to 413 per 100,000, leading health officials to start worrying once more after eight regions expressed concerns that hospitals were being put under pressure.

The big worry is the Omnicron variant of the coronavirus that appears to be out of control in the United Kingdom, which yesterday saw 78,610 daily cases of COVID-19 reports. The situation in Spain is nowhere near as bad, but it is starting to get some people worried.

On Wednesday, the vaccination of children over the age of five began and was never considered during the summer due to the high number of vaccinated adults.

We are now witnessing the situation change very quickly, and that measures that seemed unnecessary could now be justified.

So will we see stricter rules over Christmas?

The likelihood is that we will not see any more restrictions than the ones in place, but depending on how things are after the holidays, all bets are off. The advice in the UK is for people to avoid large crowds and to socialize indoors and is something we recommend people do here in Spain also.

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