Local police agents find marijuana and cocaine in a house in Alcoy

The Local Police of Alcoy has found a large amount of marijuana and cocaine in a home after conducting a routine inspection. In addition, they have located cash that allegedly came from the trafficking of illegal substances.

The officers detected indications of the alleged use of the house as a warehouse or point of sale for illegal drugs. After obtaining a search warrant, they raided the property and seized drugs and cash, making them available to the national police.

The investigation continues to try to locate the perpetrators of an alleged crime against public health. With a possible relationship, this intervention is added to the anti-drug operation carried out days before in this area of ​​the region.

“The security forces work for the good of all citizens, and from our town hall, we offer them all our support so that they continue to ensure our safety,” said the mayor of Security, Raül Llopis.

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