The Valencian Community will exceed 700 hospitalized for COVID-19 next week

After being in the current COVID-19 pandemic for two years, one of the advantages is that more is now known about the virus.

Based on the latest data, it is possible to predict the hospitalization figures for the coming week. According to the latest data available from the Ministry of Health, the cumulative incidence in the Valencian Community at the moment is 319.16 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, 45 % more than last week. Concerning the hospital situation, Valencian hospitals currently host 577 people admitted for COVID-19, of which 106 are in the ICU. These figures represent 22 and 30.8 % more than last week.

Assuming that throughout this next week, the expansion of the virus occurred in the same proportion, within seven days, there will be 704 people admitted to hospitals, of which 139 will be in the ICU, and the AI ​​will be 462.78.

An increase in people infected with the coronavirus is expected following the recent bridge holiday. It is not likely to be as bad as last year, thanks to more than 90% of people in the Valencian Community being vaccinated.

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