Arturo Vidal loves his Fiat Panda

Inter Milan football star Arturo Vidal is in love with his Fiat Panda. Even though the Chilean international owns a Ferrari and a Mercedes, he uses the low-end Fiat for his everyday chores. To show how much the former Barcelona midfielder loves the Panda, he recently took to social media to showcase how well the Fiat performed during a recent snowstorm in northern Italy.


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Vidal shared a video on his social networks in which he can be seen driving his Fiat Panda on a snowy street in Milan. “The Pandita does not fail !!! Leaving footprints wherever it goes !!! “Vidal wrote.
Besides the Panda, Arturo Vidal owns two expensive luxury vehicles, a red Ferrari and a Mercedes Benz Brabus. When he received the Panda, the Chilean posed proudly with the three cars and did not hesitate to share the moment with his more than 16 million followers on Instagram. “Finally, the gift arrived. Dreams come true! Years of waiting until I got it, “he wrote on that social network.

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