A worrying rise in COVID-19 infections in Alcoy at the beginning of December

On Friday, the Ministry of Health has updated the numbers of COVID-19 infections in our region. On this occasion, the pandemic data has its pluses and minuses. The positive part is that three weeks have passed without deaths. However, worrying is the increase in positive cases being detected in Alcoy.

Last week, 55 people in Alcoy tested positive for COVID-19, which, combined with numbers compiled since 2020, puts Alcoy in the medium-risk group. Since March 2020, 7,190 people in Alcoy have become infected with the coronavirus, an incidence per 100,000 inhabitants of 227.45.

Cocentaina continues to be at extreme risk with an incidence of 254.48. Three more inhabitants of the town have presented a positive result in the analyzes, far from the alarming figures of the latest updates. At the moment, 1,091 cases have been counted.

In Muro de Alcoy, the figures show similar behavior with five more cases. To date, 965 people have been infected in the town, which has an incidence of 182.5, putting it in the medium-risk category.

There are no new cases to report in any of the region’s other towns.

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