This device saves you up to 176€ a year on heating and only costs 29€

A study looked at the four most common ways to decarbonize a home and concluded that the cheapest method is also the most effective in reducing your heating bill.

The cold has reached a large part of the peninsula, and the typical cost of heating is joined by the high energy price this year. With this panorama, the need to save on heating is imperative in many homes. A study has been published concerning this issue analyzing the most common forms of decarbonization of the house used in Europe, their effectiveness, and cost. The methods covered by the report are solar panels, insulation, heat pumps, and smart thermostats.

Of all of them, the simplest and cheapest way to maximize energy use in a home is the use of an intelligent thermostat. According to the report and based on the data provided by more than a million smart thermostats, it can save 22% of the heating bill.

If we place ourselves at an average annual expense of 800 euros for a home with two bedrooms, that 22% represents a saving of 176 euros per year. Whoever has higher bills, logically, will save more. And if energy continues to get more expensive as it has for most of 2021, the benefit will be even more significant.

How much does a smart thermostat cost?

A smart thermostat is a device connected to the home’s heating system to control its temperature. The thermostat monitors the temperature, turning the heating on or off depending on the setting.

There are many models with different characteristics, with a price range that goes from 20 euros to 200. At the top of the table, we have devices such as the Google Nest, with a design at the height of its price and easily integrable with Home automation applications such as Google Home, Apple Homekit, or Alexa.

At the other extreme, we have more modest but equally effective options, although they cannot be controlled from the mobile to operate by WiFi. A good example is an AVStart model that is usually among the best sellers on Amazon in its category. It does not connect to WiFi and is controlled directly from its control panel, but it provides you with that saving of 22% on your gas bill for only 29.45 euros.

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