What to see and photograph in Alcoy

For all those who carry their cameras, lenses, objectives, tripods, compact flashcards, and powerful computers to process the images obtained later, we want to convince you that in Alcoy, you have plenty of things to photograph.

What possibilities does Alcoy offer for a  photographer?

There are exceptional times and places for those photos that can then be sold to image banks or submitted to renowned contests. The best known are those related to the city’s festivities: the Moors and Christians and the Cavalcade of the Magi.

During the Moors and Christians festivities, around April 23, the city’s streets relive the battle between the Moors and Christians that took place in 1276. Warrior and stately garments, confetti, and streamers falling from the balconies or magical ballets mixed with the public’s applause allow the photographer have an infinite source of points where he can capture the emotions and feelings of the event.

On January 4 and 5, Alcoy also goes out to see a parade, but at this time, it is that of the Three Wise Men and their entourage. The Cavalcade of Their Majesties is the oldest in Europe, and people turn to make the night even more magical. Rivers of torches, pages raising gifts to the balconies by wooden stairs, and the boys and girls lifted up to kiss Melchior, Gaspar and Baltasar are more than enough claims for any attentive objective to capture the best moment.


Not everything will be photos on days marked on the calendar. Alcoy has seasonal charms, such as natural ones. Being located between two natural parks, the Font Roja and the Sierra de Mariola, nature photographs are true jewels for every photographer’s portfolio.

One of the essential points to visit is the vulture colony that lives near the Cint ravine. From the top of the mountain, more than 50 specimens of these birds hover practically daily over the vegetation of the Sierra de Mariola. Many of them rest on rocks or trees and eat carrion next to the facilities where they are cared for.


The architectural heritage of the city offers photographers numerous outstanding buildings from the modernist era. The historic center of Alcoy is full of buildings worthy of study. The Casa del Pavo, the Círculo Industrial, the Casa Laporta, or Ferrándiz and Carbonell’s factories have that elegant style of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Alcoy Modernism
Casa de Pavo in Alcoy

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