The Rodes project will employ 400 people

During the next two years, work on transforming the former Rodes foundry into a technological-sociocultural complex will employ 400 people.

For the work that began this week, more than 250 professionals of different trades will be needed before other work commences to create the Center for Inland Tourism Development (CDTi) and recover the two buildings on Tibi Street.

The project is a joint venture between Eladio Silvestre and Víctor Tormo and has a budget of seven million euros. According to some of the information provided, the work will employ more than 250 professionals from different trades.

In addition, Mayor Antonio Francés said that two other actions would be will be awarded shortly:

  • The works to host the headquarters of the Center for Inland Tourism Development (CDTi).
  • Two high-rise buildings on Tibi Street will be reformed to house administrative services, municipal offices, and space for entrepreneurs.

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