Hikers find Civil War bomb in the Sierra Mariola Natural Park

Two hikers out for a walk over the weekend were surprised when they came accross an explosive device left over from the Spanish Civil War.

As the pair left a marked trail to descend a problematic slope on the Pic de l’Àguila, they stumbled on the device and immediately called the police. Officers from the TEDAX bomb squad of the National Police arrived to collect what they reported as being a 120mm mortar grenade with a TNT charge but without a fuse. They took the mortar to a shooting range in Agost, where it was safely detonated.

The Serra Mariola Natural Park is a mountain range in the Valencian Community, Spain, with some peaks over 3,000 feet. It is an area of outstanding natural beauty home to 200 or more different aromatic and medicinal plants.

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