Massive sunfish rescued from tuna nets in Spain

Researchers from the Estrecho Marine Biology Station of the University of Seville rescued a giant sunfish caught in tuna nets off the coast of Ceuta.

Ceuta is a Spanish autonomous city on the north coast of Africa. Bordered by Morocco, it lies along the boundary between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. It is one of nine populated Spanish territories in Africa and, along with Melilla, one of two populated Spanish territories on mainland Africa.

The massive sunfish weighed at least 2,200 pounds and could have easily been heavier, but the researcher’s scales topped out at 2,200. With the help of two cranes, the researchers were able to free the sunfish from the tuna nets and return it to the ocean.
The ocean sunfish is one of the two heaviest known bony fish in the world. Adults typically weigh between 247 and 2,000 kg (545–4,409 lb). The species is native to tropical and temperate waters around the world.

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