Nine Moroccan men were arrested in Cocentaina following street fights

Following a series of altercations and a bloody street fight over the weekend near the Palau Comtat, the Civil Guard has arrested nine men of Moroccan origin.

The first street fight between two groups of Moroccan immigrants took place on the Passeig del Comtat on September 11, with eight men attacking each other with bricks and bottles. Following the incident, four people were arrested.

A second more bloody fight involving knives took place over the weekend near the Palau Comtat. Civil Guard units from Cocentaina, Muro, and Ibi assisted the local police resulting in five arrests. Three of the combatants were seriously injured and were transferred to the hospital in Alcoy, while the other two were treated at the health clinic in Cocentaina.

Moroccans fighting Cocentaina

All of those arrested have been to court in Alcoy, where they were charged and released. The Judicial Police team of the Villena Civil Guard is investigating these events. At the same time, in coordination with the Local Police of Cocentaina, the Civil Guard has established a device to prevent occurrences of this type and determine their origin.

Cocentaina City Council has explained in a statement that it has “no power to take action against these individuals, as it cannot order their exile. The worry now is that they are now free to return to Cocentaina and endanger local citizens.

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