Five arrested after a bloody street fight in Cocentaina

Five people have been arrested in Cocentaina following a bloody street fight that took place close to the Palau Comtat in the early hours of Saturday morning. According to reports, the clashes have been taking place since mid-September and are becoming increasingly violent.

The residents of Cocentaina are fed up and worried about the violent fights that have taken place in the streets of the town since mid-September between different groups of immigrants residing in the area. In the battle on Santísima Trinidad street Saturday morning, several men were seriously injured due to the beatings and the use of knives.
The Civil Guard had to act to stop the clashes and detained those involved, who in some cases needed medical assistance.

Three young men brutally beat another in another confrontation, kicking and punching him, and even hitting him on the head with a guitar. Faced with this situation, the town council has also decided to reinforce the shifts of the local police to restore tranquility to the streets and guarantee the safety of citizens.

According to the neighbors, the origin of these confrontations could be linked to controlling the illegal sale of second-hand clothes. Another cause seems to be jealousy after an infidelity involving a man of Moroccan origin from one of the groups established in Cocentaina and the woman of another clan of the same nationality.

Meanwhile, the Civil Guard has opened an investigation to clarify the facts and stop these bloody fights that have scared the population.

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