Shopping at Family Cash can save you money

If you shop well, you can save hundreds of euros a year as rising energy costs pressure supermarkets to raise their prices. Essential products such as milk, eggs, and different types of meat have become more expensive, between 3.9% and 11.4%. A case in point is the price of a chicken that now costs 5.8% per kilo more than it did three months ago.

Annual spending per household in the shopping basket in 2021 stands at 5,491 euros on average. Although 2021 was destined to be the “new normal,” families continue to spend more time at home than before the pandemic, which entails a decrease in spending on items such as leisure and tourism and an increase in the percentage of the family budget allocated to purchases.

To save money in your shopping basket, it is crucial to know where you will pay more for an item and where you will pay less. Regional hypermarkets and discount food stores like Lidl and Aldi stand out and especially so when you take advantage of their weekly offers.

In our area, Alcoy’s Family Cash is the place to shop if you want to save money. Family Cash policy is to price its goods below that of the competition. While not having any advertising or weekly offers, Family Cash offers a comfortable and straightforward shopping experience, with high-quality items and various brands, but with more than competitive prices throughout the year.

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