The Center for Inland Tourism Development (CDTi) will be in Alcoy

The Generalitat Valenciana has agreed to begin the works that will allow the Center for Inland Tourism Development (CDTi) installation in the Rodes block. As explained by the General Director of Tourism, Herick Campos, in his last visit to Alcoy on August 7, 2021, the Valencian Tourism Agency will oversee the 2.1 million euros construction site. 

The intervention will consist of rehabilitating the old carriage workshop designed by Timoteo Briet in 1909, which will bring to life one of the most modernist buildings in the whole complex, with a façade on Calle Agres. Inside, there will be a co-working area and a multipurpose room for exhibitions and shows, administration areas, and tourism and INVAT · TUR offices.

In addition, it will serve to complement the training already offered at the Batoy Vocational Training Center (FP), where you can study the Medium Degree in Services in Restoration and the Medium Degree in Cuisine and Gastronomy, both from the Hospitality family and Tourism.

It is all a part of the Rodes project

The works will be added to the central project of Rodes, whose project has already been approved and which will consist of an intervention budgeted at 7.4 million euros. Of this amount, the European Union will finance 3.7 million euros (50%) through the European Regional Development Funds (ERDF) of the Pluriregional Program of Spain 2014-2020, while the Generalitat Valenciana will contribute 2.6 million and the city council will be responsible for the remaining 1.1 million.

The works will make it possible to transform the entire old industrial block of the Foundry Rodes into a technological-cultural park. When speaking about the works, Alcoy Mayor Toni Francés said:

“The involvement of the Generalitat Valenciana, through the direct commitment of President Ximo Puig and the Valencian Tourism Agency, demonstrates the importance of a project and will be critical to the economic recovery of the city and the Valencian Community.”

The recovery of the Rodes block and its enhancement does not end here and will be completed by restoring the two high-rise buildings located on Calle Tibi, previously used for housing. 

This action is valued at another 2.3 million, of which the Alcoy City Council will contribute 55% and the Alicante Provincial Council the remaining 45%.

In total, the Rodes project involves an investment of 12 million euros. It is expected that the contribution from the municipal coffers will not exceed 25%, thanks to the efforts of the council to combine synergies between different Administrations.

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