Spain to bake in 40ºC plus tempreatures

The thermometer is forecast to rise to above 40ºC (104°F) on Friday and Saturday and could exceed 44ºC (111.2°F) in the southern region of Andalusia.

Spain’s national weather agency Aemet reported on Tuesday that a period of extreme and prolonged heat is due to reach the country on Wednesday, bringing with it very little wind and high temperatures. By Sunday, the prediction is that Alcoy and inland regions of the Comunidad Valenciana could be as hot as 44ºC (111.2°F).

Despite a period of hot weather in July, we have not endured what Aemet would classify as a heatwave. For it to be called a heatwave, three conditions must be met:

  • The weather episode of high temperatures has to be intense
  • It has to affect most of Spain
  • It has to be long-lasting

Spain’s first heatwave of the year will be caused by a mass of hot air approaching the Iberian Peninsula from North Africa and the central Mediterranean. The extreme heat will be accompanied by very little humidity and little to no wind. Adding to the misery is fine sand from the Sahara desert – known as calima in Spain – which will contribute to the sensation that the air is arid and suffocating.

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