UK to scrap quarantine for fully vaccinated EU and US arrivals

The United Kingdom government is expected later today to announce that fully vaccinated passengers arriving from the EU and the Us no longer need to quarantine. The plan, which would be a massive boost to airlines, is to be discussed today by ministers at a special COVID-19 operations committee meeting on Wednesday.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he was considering a travel corridor with the US that allows people to “come freely from the US in a way that they normally do,” according to the Independent.

“We’re talking to [the US] the whole time,” he told the Independent. “At the moment, we’re dealing with a Delta wave; the US is dealing with a Delta wave, but be assured that we are on it the whole time. As soon as we have something to say about travel corridors, you’ll be hearing from us.”

The changes are expected to take effect as soon as next week, while fully vaccinated arrivals from other countries could be allowed at a later date. When speaking about the decision, Heathrow Airport boss, John Holland-Kaye said:

“The vaccine has been a miracle of science, and these trials have shown that we can allow fully vaccinated passengers from the EU and US to visit the UK without quarantine. There is now no reason to delay with rolling out the solution from July 31.”

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