Alcoy: A City Looking Towards The Future

The city of Alcoy in the interior of Alicante province is looking to provide a benchmark for similar-sized municipalities with a strategy of social and urban renewal. A smart, sustainable and inclusive city project whose main pillars are urban mobility, the revitalization of the historic center, and new technologies to improve its residents’ quality of life.

As the mayor of Alcoy, Toni Francés, explains:

“Alcoidemà is the roadmap of an ambitious project with which we want to cross-cut different economic, environmental, climatic, social, and demographic challenges. All of them are interrelated, and we always want to interpret them under the premise of moving towards a smart, sustainable and inclusive city.”

Calle Na Saurina d Entenza Alcoy

The first actions of this strategy are already a reality. Among them, the redevelopment of «Na Saurina d’Entença,» one of the city’s most important arteries, stands out. The works carried out have renewed the entire pavement of this road with innovative materials that reduce CO2. Above all, the transformation of this street seeks to favor pedestrians against vehicular traffic to revitalize commercial activity at the same time. Sidewalks have also been widened, trees and benches have been installed, and a new signaling system has been introduced.

The Historic City Center

Centro and Partidor Project Alcoy

Another of this plan’s main objectives is to contribute to the historic center’s revitalization, turning it into a pleasant and accessible environment for the citizen and thus encouraging commercial activity to give new life to this part of the city.
In this regard, it is planned to build public housing, intended for especially vulnerable groups in the Centro and Partidor areas. It is intended to establish an intergenerational coexistence model. All the new apartments will be offered on a rental basis at reduced prices to those under 35 and over 65. The area will include pleasant green spaces and common areas. A unique feature of the new buildings will be the inclusion of solar panels making each apartment self-sufficient in energy.

Rodes Technology Park

Rodes Technology Park

The technological and cultural park projected in the Rodes block, in the Santa Rosa neighborhood, is one of the star projects in this field and within this EDUSI plan. It will offer landscaped areas and open and public spaces between which several capsules will be installed to house technological and innovative projects. The Digital District project of the Generalitat Valenciana stands out, which will host digitization services and technology-based companies. There will also be space for an auditorium, a cultural center, multipurpose rooms, the municipal archive, a library, and a restaurant.

Alcoy Smart City

Alcoy Smart City

Another axis of the «EDUSI-Alcoidemà» is to turn Alcoy into a smart city and use new technologies to improve the quality of life of Alcoyans. An objective that will materialize in 2021 will create a platform to manage all the information collected through the sensor network. Knowing these data and interpreting them will allow access to certain services remotely and programmed to save public money and improve energy efficiency.

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