COVID-19: Alcoy Hospital Puts Beds In The Cafeteria

With the ICU now full and a further 219 people hospitalized due to the coronavirus, Alcoy’s Virgen de los Lirios hospital has been forced to put beds in the hospital’s cafeteria.

On Friday, a spokesperson for the region’s main hospital said that any new seriously ill person infected with COVID-19 would have to be transferred to another hospital as the ICU beds in Alcoy are now at capacity.
Given this increase in COVID-19 cases, the hospital has been forced to enable the hospital cafeteria for admissions with other pathologies.
A year ago, the Virgen de los Lirios hospital had 230 beds, and now they are pushing this number to 302 to accommodate more patients.
According to the latest data released Friday, Alcoy has 377 new infections and Cocentaina 79.
In Alcoy, 11 people affected by COVID-19 have died, with three deaths in Cocentaina and two in Banyeres.

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