Driving In Spain: Warning Triangles To Be Replaced By Lights

January 1 marked the start of a new set of driving rules in Spain related to speed limits, penalties, and electric scooters. Many drivers were unaware of a new law that requires motorists to have a new accessory in their breakdown kits.
Called the “luz de emergencia V-16” in Spanish, it’s a small light that you will need to keep in the glove box. If you suffer a breakdown or need to stop on the side of the road, the light is placed on the car’s roof.
It’s considered a much safer alternative by road experts, as drivers don’t risk being run over by any oncoming traffic. Last year in Spain, 20 people lost their lives while trying to place emergency triangles.
While you can still use the triangles, Spain wants to have all cars using battery-powered lights by 2024.
The emergency light has a magnetic bottom that allows it to be fixed to the roof and emits short bursts of light that can be seen from a kilometer away.

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