COVID-19: Valencia Toughens Restrictions

The Valencian government has decided to go one step further and toughen up some of the restrictive measures it has been applying to stop advancing the pandemic in the Valencian Community. One of those measures will be the total closure of bars, cafes, and restaurants for 14 days. When speaking about the new measures, President Puig asks citizens to confine themselves at home whenever they can, saying:
“Fourteen days after implementing restrictive measures, we are very concerned because the incidence of the coronavirus is very high in the Valencian Community, and it is necessary to adopt new standards.” Among those measures, he has announced that from January 21 and for 14 days, there will be a total closure of all hotels, bars, and restaurants and that shops that are currently allowed to be open must close at 18:00, except for supermarkets, pharmacies, and essential businesses. If the Spanish government agrees, Valencia also wants to impose a curfew starting at 20:00.
According to the Minister of Health, Ana Barceló, “The Community Valenciana situation is serious. “

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