Traffic In And Out Of Alcoy Reduced Due To COVID-19 Restrictions

Alcoy City Council has highlighted the reduction in entrances and exits to the city since the perimeter closure began on January 7. According to their data, that same first day, 12,111 vehicles entered, and 7,287 left.
These figures represent 28.1% fewer entries than a month ago, when they were 16,820 and 43% less than a year ago, 21,264. In the case of departures, it is 40.94% less than the same day last month, with 12,339, and 60.7% less than last year, with 18,544.
So far, police have imposed 312 penalties to date for non-compliance with this measure applied by the Generalitat Valenciana. The rules state that you can only enter or leave the city for justified reasons such as doctors, appointments, work, school, or legal obligations.
Along with monitoring people coming in and out of Alcoy, many non-essential businesses where people gather, like bars and restaurants, have had to close.

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