COVID-19: Cocentaina and Muro tell people to stay home

Cocentiana and Muro are now asking all residents only to go out if you have to after a sharp increase in the number of people testing positive for COVIS-19.

On Tuesday, the municipalities of Ibi, Cocentaina, Muro, and Onil issued successive communications warning of the high incidence of the virus in these towns and decreeing the closure of cultural, sports and leisure centers. They thus joining Alcoy and Castalla, which have specific measures due to being confined to the perimeter, and Banyeres, who went ahead and made a statement in the same direction on Monday at the last minute.

In Alcoy, there are currently 1,066 active cases of the coronavirus, meaning that 1.8% of the city’s population is infected. Cocentaina, Muro, Banyeres, and Onil added 409, approximately a hundred in each of these locations.
Against this background, all municipalities have asked citizens to voluntarily confine themselves and not leave home other than to work, shop, or any other essential activity and avoid any social contact whenever possible.

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