Alcoy To Plant More Trees

The city of Alcoy has taken another step forward in the fight against climate change by carrying out reforestation work in highly degraded areas near the river Riquer. The wooded mass will be created between Cervantes and the Font del Quinzet, specifically in the lower area of ​​the CCJ and in the Santa Ana School’s surroundings.

The works have consisted of preparing the land with clearing, cleaning, and removing residues and wastes of different types; make holes with a backhoe in accessible areas; drilling holes manually in inaccessible areas, and manual planting trees.

The species used have been chosen from among those available from the Font Roja Forest Plant Nursery. They have been obtained from seeds of native progenitors with the genetics of the area, such as Celtis australis ( Mediterranean hackberry), Juglans regía (walnut), and Pistacea lentiscus ( a dioecious evergreen shrub), among others.

alcoy tree planting map

The formation of the wooded mass is foreseen in the medium-long term, which is when the seedlings need to grow and establish themselves as the dominant vegetation.

“With these repopulations with autochthonous species, we are also helping to improve and increase the forest mass and plant diversity to provide resources and food for the fauna of the area and thus preserve and increase animal biodiversity,” the Councilor for Ecological Transition, Jordi Silvestre.

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