Alcoy Respects The COVID-19 Confinement

Alcoy citizens are paying heed to the regional government’s plan to seal off the city, but many feel that the measures to help stop the coronavirus’s spread should have happened sooner.

  • People think that there has been too much relaxation in a part of the population throughout recent months, preceded by a false sense of greater security in the first weeks of December. They also blame the authorities for not raising public awareness about the existing health risk.
    The atmosphere in the center of the city reflected that something was different, despite several people being out on the streets. The snow and rain also helped many people to respect the new measures and stay home. Local business owner José Miguel López described it “as feeling like a hangover,” with hardly any movement throughout the city.
    José Ernesto Nadal, manager of an Alcoy bookstore, commented that the day was being “relatively normal” for January 7. However, yes, “people come in a staggered manner” as if taking the precaution of avoiding crowds. In his view, the restrictions should have come earlier, but he understands that ” economic issues influenced the decision to wait.”
    Bar owner Toni Navarro says they should have taken the measure sooner because they had the data and knew what was happening.

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