Romanian fugitive captured in Alcoy

The National Police have arrested a 36-year-old Romanian fugitive who was wanted by his country’s authorities for robberies.

As reported yesterday by the Alicante Provincial Police Station, the arrest was carried out within the Alcoy Police Station’s security system to ensure compliance with health prevention measures for COVID-19.
A routine police patrol spotted the man out at night past the 23:00 curfew and stopped to check if he had a valid reason for being out. Upon checking his papers, they discovered an international warrant for his arrest issued by Romania.
The curfew offender was immediately arrested and taken to a holding cell in the Alcoy police station.
Proceeding are now underway to have him extradited to Romania. The police also sanctioned the man for being on the streets after the curfew, but it is unlikely that he will pay a fine as he is being sent back to his home country.

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