New Year in Spain: Comunidad Valenciana Coronavirus Restrictions

In a bid to curtail the spread of the deadly coronavirus, regional governments around Spain have tightened the restrictions put in place on December 2. Regarding New Year’s Eve and Three Kings celebrations, Valencia’s borders will remain closed until January 15. The only people allowed to travel are those who need to do so for work. This also includes those who are returning home from other regions or from abroad.

Social gatherings are limited to six people, with a curfew in place at 11 pm. Authorities have decided to push back the curfew time by an hour to midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Late-night bars and clubs have reopened with daytime only hours and only if they sell food.
Three King’s day parades are permitted, but they must be stationary and in an area suitable for controlling how many people can attend while safely social distancing.

People in senior care homes can visit family for a maximum of seven days and take a COVID-19 PCR test on their return. When they arrive back in the care facility, they will also be subjected to a ten-day self-isolation period.
Currently, all visits to senior care facilities are suspended unless they are strictly necessary.

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