Spain could achieve COVID-19 herd immunity by the end of summer 2021

While speaking about Spain’s current coronavirus levels and what the country was doing to curtail them, health minister Salvador Illa said Spain could achieve herd immunity by the end of next summer.
While being interviewed over the weekend, Illa said that COVID-19 vaccines would start to be given out in January. By the end of the summer, two-thirds of Spain’s 47 million population will have been vaccinated.

“In Europe, even if it is not the final end, we will be in a very different stage. That is why I think we are at the beginning of the end with this time horizon that I say, from five to six months,” he told Publico newspaper.

Asked if this would constitute herd immunity, Illa replied: “Yes. It is what the technicians call that, that people have immunity either because they are vaccinated or because they have had the disease.”
Despite the good news, Spain is not out of the woods yet, with Illa cautioning Spaniards against dropping their guards over the Christmas holidays.

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