Brits Could Be Banned From Entering Spain After January 1

For now, at least, citizens of the United Kindom are allowed to travel to large chunks of the Europen Union under freedom of movement rules. This could, however, change when the United Kingdom leaves the European Union on January 1, either with or without a deal.
UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab admitted travel could be disrupted across Europe.
“Covid restrictions will depend on the combination of what the EU decides, but also member states,” he told the Today program.
“We have already got challenges with that, and we have put our own restrictions in place.”
Coronavirus “remains a live issue,” he said, adding: “I’m afraid restriction on travel, inevitably, is going to be something that is kept under review.”
Asked whether that would mean Britons will find it challenging to visit Europe, he said: “It all depends on the prevalence of the virus in those continental European countries.”
Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, counties in the EU only allow non-essential travel from a small list of non-EU countries with low coronavirus infection rates.
According to the Financial Times, there has been no request from the UK to join countries like Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore on the list of safe countries.
Medical experts in the UK predict with a relaxing of the rules over Christmas, cases of COVID-19 are likely to increase.
They warn that despite the vaccination program that began this week, it would only have a marginal impact on reducing cases and deaths over the next three months.

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