Alcoy: The Number Of Zero Emission Cars Is Growing

Tax credits reinforce the acquisition of hybrid cars in Alcoy. The number of registered vehicles in the municipality has grown by 64% between 2019 and 2020, representing 82 of the 128 in the city.
The Councilor for Finance, Vanessa Moltó, explained that this is partly due to the municipal government’s work to reduce pollution and CO2 emissions. An effort that she, as she has insisted, is being carried out by each of the departments.

In this sense, tax credits are reinforcing the purchase of electric and hybrid vehicles, and one example of this is that in 2016 there were only seven electric-powered cars in the city, and in 2020 the figure has reached 128.

Between 2019 and 2020, the increase has been 64%, representing 82 cars of the figure mentioned above. This situation has occurred after the City Council began to apply a 75% discount on road tax in the first year of purchase and 50% from the second.

To this measure, we must also add a dozen charging points in various areas of the municipality. An initiative that is not related to bonuses but without which citizens could not purchase this type of vehicle.
However, the Alcoy City Council is also promoting sustainable mobility with the call for grants for the purchase of personal mobility vehicles and the construction of a cycle-pedestrian lane and another exclusively for bicycles.

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