Alcoy plans to build apartments and 350 underground parking spaces in the Al-Azraq square

Known for being the home of the old Alcoy courts and the Villalonga steam locomotive’s resting place, the 28,868.90 square meter lot is now used for free parking.

Despite being in a prime location on Alcoy’s northern exit Juan Gilbert Avenue and Zone Norte’s Hispanidad Avenue, the land has remained unurbanized.

In a document presented to the city in 2018, a development proposal by renowned architects María Langarita and Víctor Navarro visioned the building of 217 apartments with 350 underground parking spaces.

The land where the locomotive is on display will be turned into a public green space with the new apartments’ height designed to complement the buildings on Juan Gilbert and Hispanidad Avenues.

An economic feasibility study estimates the cost of the project to be around 33.1 million euros. When completed, it will recoup 33.3 million from the sale of the apartments and parking spaces.

No timeframe has been set for the project, which the opposition party PP claims the PSOE party has been hiding.

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