Police to fine 750€ for improper use of street bins

“We are bins, not containers.” This is the slogan of the campaign that the Alcoy City Council has launched to raise awareness of the proper use of waste bins. The action is carried out by the Citizen Participation and Ecological Transition departments following the proposal of the Awareness Campaign for a cleaner Alcoy of the 2020 participatory budgets.

This is where you put household waste

The campaign has focused on appealing to certain parts of the city where citizens have used the bins as trash (rubbish) containers. The council wants to show that if we use them like this, “we generate hygienic, health, and coexistence problems, it is a source of contamination and favors the proliferation of pests.”
According to the municipal ordinance, the penalties are a minimum of 750 euros. “We appeal to civic responsibility, to make good use of the bins and more to take into account the current situation of COVID-19, where it is important to keep public spaces as clean as possible,” explained the councilor for Ecological Transition, Jordi Wild.

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