COVID-19 rates in Spain halve

According to the Spanish Health Ministry’s latest report, the rate of people becoming infected by the coronavirus has halved, with most new cases in Andalucia and Catalonia. The health Ministry has determined that the coronavirus’s extreme risk occurs when 250 people out of 100,000 become infected over 14 days.

The cumulative national average for people now COVID-19 rates in Spain stands at 251.61, less than half of what it was at the start of November when the figure was 521.

Of all of Spain’s regions, the two with the lowest incident rates are the Canary and Balearic Islands, where the figure has remained a near-constant 80 in 100,000 inhabitants.

The pressure on hospitalizations is continuing to ease, leading to a reduction of deaths caused by the coronavirus.
The southern provinces in Andalusia recorded the highest COVID-19-related deaths, 85, followed by Catalonia, where 64 people died due to the virus. Closer to home, the Valencian region reported 24 deaths.

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