The Xàtiva-Alcoy train to restart now the works have been completed

Adif has completed the improvement works, which began on October 19 at different points on the Xàtiva-Alcoy line (63.7 km), which have involved an investment of approximately 850,000 euros.

The works have included the renovation and improvement of a tunnel between Xàtiva and El Genovés, constructing a retaining wall of about 75 meters in a trench between kilometers points 5/400 and 5/500, and other ditch cleaning operations and drainage work.

The Xàtiva-Alcoi line has a very sinuous plan .ayout due to orographic difficulties, with curves of reduced radius and numerous tunnels, trenches, and bridges. Regarding altimetry, it configures sections of steep slopes of up to 23 thousandths of a ramp. These actions contribute to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 9, which aims to develop reliable, sustainable, and quality infrastructures to support economic development and human well-being.

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