New Fatality In Alcoy Due To COVID-19

The update of data referring to COVID-19 in the Valencian Community reflects a new death in Alcoy. Since the beginning of the global pandemic back in the spring, 92 Alcoy residents have died.

The number of new positives in Alcoy has decreased compared to recent weeks. According to figures from the Ministry of Health, there have been 45, which have been added to a list that already has 1,222 accumulated positives. The last known outbreak in the city was that of the Mariola del Preventori residence, with 10 cases, 9 of them among residents.

Other municipalities that have seen new positive infections over the weekend are Cocentaina, Muro, and Benilloba. In the capital of El Comtat, there have been 10 new positives, making a total of 152. In Muro, the figure stands at 170 infected, 3 more than in the last update. Benilloba has added one more person, and there are already 18 total positives.

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