Spain: Home Confinement Remains A Last Resort

As Spain continues to battle COVID-19 with the second-highest infection rate in Europe, ministers say that a second lockdown will only happen as a last resort. This latest news comes after the northern Spanish region of Castilla and Leon ordered all bars and restaurants to close.

Since the coronavirus outbreak in spring, Spain has recorded 1.2 million cases and 36,495 deaths, including 18,699 new cases on Tuesday and 238 deaths. Under a six-month state-of-emergency declared last week, regional governments can declare curfews and shut down businesses. Still, they cannot confine people to their homes without authorization from the central government.

The announcement from Castilla and Leon came a day after Asturias ordered its bars and restaurants to close.
Meanwhile, Catalonia and its top tourist destination Barcelona closed down bars and eateries two weeks ago while restricting travel across its borders.
Here in the Valencia region, bars and restaurants have to close by midnight, but given the current situation in Spain, do not be surprised if they too decide to take a harder line.

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