Alcoy To Spend 1.9 Million Euros on City Center Neighborhood

Together with the Valencian government, Alcoy plans to rejuvenate the Partidor neighborhood through an investment of 4.3 million.

The Alcoy City Council will promote the Partidor neighborhood’s regeneration through a public-private investment of 4.3 million euros. For this, the Generalitat and the Ministry have awarded the city a 1.9 million euro grant. The money will be added to a municipal contribution of 400,000 euros. The urban intervention will be agreed upon with the affected property owners.

The aid is aimed at individuals to promote the construction or rehabilitation of housing in the block between San Nicolás, El Camí, Sant Bonaventura, and San Rafael streets, and the objective is “to achieve a new model of a neighborhood that is inclusive and accessible. Create new areas that attract inhabitants to the center, since it is not only focused on housing, and the creation of green areas and the application of aspects of energy efficiency and new technologies is contemplated,” explained the Councilor for Urban Planning, Lorena Zamorano.


“It is the most ambitious and important bet to recover a part of the center” in recent years. The project will include the construction of 40 new homes and the rehabilitation of another nine.

Both Zamorano and mayor Francés have agreed that it is “an important step” to end the decline of the old town, especially this neighborhood that borders the Zona Alta and initiates the regeneration and promotion of new energy-efficient housing.

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