Alcoy to offer assistance in purchasing electric bikes

The city of Alcoy has 20,000€ available that it will give as grants towards purchasing an electric bicycle. The only requirement to apply for this grant is that you have resided in our city for at least one year. The procedure for granting these aids will be processed in a competitive concurrence regime. The grants will be awarded on a first-come-first-serve basis until the available budgetary endowment is exhausted.

The number of subsidies to be granted will be raised according to the case to the following amounts:

a) Acquisition of electric bicycles: 40% of the acquisition amount up to a maximum of 250 euros. The maximum acquisition amount will be 1,200 euros, VAT included.

b) Electrification kits: 20% of the acquisition amount up to a maximum of 100 euros. The maximum purchase amount will be 600 euros, VAT included.

c) Electric VMPs: 30% of the acquisition amount up to a maximum of 150 euros. The maximum purchase amount will be 600 euros, VAT included.

“New technologies have favored the emergence of urban mobility solutions that encourage personal travel through new models of vehicles that do not produce polluting waste. The government’s intention is to work for sustainable mobility in our city, so we are acting in various fields.


There are several bonuses in the municipal ordinances; remember that people who purchase an electric or hybrid car have a 75% discount on the road tax in the first year and 50% from the second.

It is also important to note that Alcoy’s municipal government agreed to subsidize the taxes on economic activities and construction, facilities, and works to those companies that are committed to sustainable energy.

The commitment to renewable energy is one of the strategic lines of the Smart City master plan for the city of Alcoy. In recent years, Alcoy’s government has placed 15 photovoltaic installations in municipal buildings and eight recharging points for electric vehicles. It has also installed solar-powered street lighting in three industrial estates. It has replaced the lighting with LED technology in much of the city and will continue for years to come. This results in a decrease in electricity and light consumption throughout the city with efficient and technologically advanced systems.

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