The Restoration Of The Castle Of Planes Brings To Light A 16th Century Coin Of The Duchy Of Parma

The restoration of the Castle of Planes has brought to light a 16th-century coin from the Duchy of Parma.

The piece was discovered in the mortar of the North Tower. It is associated with the time that this type of coin was used as a promissory note. The mayor of Planes and deputy of Emergencies, Javier Sendra, in his visit to the area, highlights its great archaeological value.

The finding has occurred in the work that drives the Provincial Council of Alicante with 175,000 euros, which are added to the 600,000 euros invested in 2017. Carlos Mazon, president of the provincial sector, after the visit to the area, along with a representation of mayors of the region and the Council, stresses its historical character.

The work is being carried out on the canvas of the wall, which collapsed due to the rains. It is expected to be completed in half a year. They focus on ensuring the structural stability of the North Tower and its surroundings. At the same time, the museumization of the castle of Planes is being developed as the center of the Arab-Christian culture of the region.

The work, which began in early March and was resumed on May 11th following the suspension imposed by the health alert, includes, among other actions, the structural consolidation of the base of the Modern Age tower, the replacement of its geometry and of the missing masonry, the increase in height or the restoration of the roof, as well as the clearing of the land, the formation and laying of paving in the interior and the construction of interior access stairs.

Action is also being taken on the structures adjacent to the tower, removing the existing rubble and reconstructing and consolidating the damaged parts.

These emergency works also include actions on the canvas of the north wall to increase safety from inside the castle and harmonize the top of its elevation. To this end, work is being carried out to consolidate the slope and rebuild the walls affected by the landslides on the north side, where the castle stands, while at the same time fitting out the pedestrian walkways with the appropriate safety measures.

Finally, action will also be taken in the coming weeks inside the castle, to protect the medieval structures and ensure safety, and in the access to the fortress.


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