Valencian Community Inland Tourism Guide

The manual indicates measures to be taken in different locations

The sector of tourism has presented the guide ‘Safe Inland Destinations’ in a web seminar aimed at inland municipalities, the Valencian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces, and the six tourist brands of the Valencian Community.

The regional secretary Francesc Colomer explained: “In the new normality caused by the Covid-19, there are restrictions on international travel and the limitations on air traffic. The general feeling is that the interior is optimal. It’s less crowded and more suitable for maintaining social distance. That’s why it will generate tourist traffic to the interior of the Comunitat.”

The manual indicates measures to be taken into account in terms of access to natural resources. Like urban areas, bathing and recreational areas, routes. Also, museums, accommodations and restaurants, spas and wine cellars, or active tourism activities. Also, the guide includes a generic template with a ‘checklist’ on which each destination can define its security plan more efficiently.

To download the guide, click on the link Valencia Inland Tourism Guide.


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