What Can We Do In The New Phase 3?

The regions of l’Alcoià and El Comtat, together with the whole of the Comunitat Valenciana, are starting Phase 3 of the de-escalation process, which means that we have just a step away from the longed-for ‘new normality’.

What new changes are there and what can be done from this Monday 15th June?

One of the most expected things is mobility between the three provinces of the community. We can now move to Valencia and Castellón without any problem. The time slots for the population are running out, although the obligation to wear a mask is still in force, the interpersonal safety distance is reduced to 1.5 meters, and meetings can be up to 20 people.

Terraces can now be extended to 100%, while indoor table service is extended to 75%. In this new phase, consumption at the bar is now permitted as long as a minimum distance of 1.5 meters is guaranteed.

Another novelty is that the discos and nightlife venues are reopening with a third of the capacity, although dancing is not allowed.

Children will be able to enjoy playgrounds again. Children’s schools are also allowed, but at 75% of the usual capacity and a maximum of 250 participants outdoors or 100 indoors, and always with a maximum of 15 people per group. The swimming pools can be increased to 75%.

German tourists arrive in Mallorca as Spain welcomes back tourists.

Any type of business can accommodate up to 75% of its capacity. Shopping centers can reopen common and leisure areas at 40% of their capacity.

Weddings may be held in public or private facilities, either outdoors or indoors, as long as they do not exceed 75% of their capacity. Wakes may be held with a maximum of 25 people, funerals with a maximum of 50 and religious ceremonies may be held with up to 75% of the capacity.

As far as education is concerned, nursery schools may open from the 19th of June. With regard to the Primary, Secondary, and Baccalaureate levels, families will be offered face-to-face tutorials, and students who are going to take the PAU can do face-to-face activities in small groups.


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