Alcoy Will Open Its Municipal Swimming Pools On June 29th


The municipal swimming pools of Caramanxel, Batoi, and José Trenzano Alós will open their doors on Monday 29th of June. This summer season is logically marked by the Covid-19 and the different phases of the transition to a new normality. The closure of the pools is scheduled for August 30th.

From the Alcoy Town Hall, through the Sports Department, work has been and continues to be done so that the pools comply at all times with the necessary hygienic, health and safety measures in the current context for the peace of mind of all users.

Capacity, distance, hygiene, and disinfection are the principles on which work is done to determine the actions to be carried out in the different facilities and the use that will be made of them. As the protocols established by the administrations on the opening and use of the swimming pools are outlined and known, the public will be informed of the way in which they must access and enjoy them.

The councilman of Sports, Miguel Juan Reig, comments that “the opening of the swimming pools supposes besides a playful and recreational offer for the city, the creation of more than 20 temporary jobs between lifeguards and ticket agents. This year, more than ever, we have to take into account some key concepts such as capacity, distance, hygiene, disinfection, and respect, as they are basic to comply with the regulations imposed by the Covid-19 and to guarantee the bathing that the residents of Alcoy have always been able to enjoy during the summer season“.

On the other hand, improvements have been made to the access to the pools and the provision of hot water in the changing rooms of the Batoi swimming pools and the José Trenzano Alós municipal swimming pool, in addition to the usual maintenance and painting work carried out during these days prior to opening.


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