Spain to return to a “New Normal” by the end of June

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said on Tuesday that by the end of June, parliament could lift one of Europe’s toughest lockdowns. While making the announcement, the 48-year-old politician said that a return to normal would happen at different stages.

Calling the reopening gradual and coordinated a return to the “new normal” will happen in four stages, with each stage lasting a minimum of two weeks.

According to the plan discussed at parliament yesterday, the entire process could be complete by the end of June.

Each province will move at a speed consistent with the number of coronavirus cases it has and the ability of its hospitals to treat new COVID-19 cases.

The first phase was lifting the restriction on children being able to go outside with adults now being allowed to go for walks and take part in individual sport from next weekend.

Starting May 4, some businesses that operate by appointments and restaurants that offer takeaway food will be allowed to open.

Shopping in Spain during COVID-19

From May 11, phase one will allow some small businesses to open along with bars and restaurants that have outdoor seating under strict conditions.

Shopping centers and malls will be excluded from these measures to stop people from gathering. There will also be set aside special hours for people over 65 years of age to go shopping when the general public will not be allowed. While no announcement has been made about the time’s people are speculating that it will be in the early morning hours.

During phase one, hotels and tourist accommodation will be allowed to open but not their communal areas such as bars and restaurants.

When traveling on public transport, the wearing of face masks is highly advised and may yet possibly become mandatory.

Phase two will commence on May 25, which will allow bars and restaurants to open up their indoor seating but only for meal service and with capacity restrictions.

Cultural events will be allowed with fewer than 50 people in indoor spaces and less than 400 people in outdoor areas. In both cases, people must be seated.

Phase three, which will allow for more significant movement, is penciled in for June 8, but Sánchez was not prepared to say what it involved other than Spain should be at its “new normal” by the end of June.

Children except for special needs will now not return to school until September.

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