Spain to regulate the price of face masks

The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, announced on Tuesday that a maximum price of sale to the public of surgical masks had been set at 0.96 euros per unit.

The Minister of Health has informed that “soon” the price of hygienic masks will also be regulated. However, it will wait for the national production of these to be activated and to ensure that price regulation achieves “avoid abuse”.

Precisely on these masks, Illa recalled that the government had recommended their use, both reusable and non-reusable to people who have to go to work by public transport or in situations where the recommended minimum distance cannot be guaranteed. “If there is an abuse of their prices, the government will take measures, and the mechanism to do so is already enabled,” she emphasized.

When talking about the COVID-19 crisis and the state of emergency Illa said:

“Since we made the decisions on March 14, we have managed to reach the peak of the curve, and now we are in the second stage of bending the curve, and we are achieving it. Therefore, the measures we have taken are giving results, and it was right to decree the state of alarm “, she stressed.

Finally, the Minister of Health recalled that the current objective is to consolidate “the low growths” that are being experienced in recent days in the number of reported cases and in the number of deaths. “It will take us a while. It will not be an easy task, but the measures have benefited all the autonomous communities and all citizens.”

Children will be allowed to go for walks

Following an outcry by the public regarding Spain’s policy on only letting children accompany parents doing essential shopping, the government has now made a U-turn.

“I will authorize children to go for a walk from Sunday,” Health Minister Salvador Illa told a news conference, adding that the measure concerned “those under 14.”

Currently just going out for a walk is not allowed under the state of emergency that was imposed on March 14, so it will be interesting to see what the new guidelines will be.

Speaking about changes Illa said:

“We are not in a phase of de-escalation (of the confinement measures), we are in a phase of confinement,” Illa said.

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