Alcoy Residents Worried About Coronavirus

Yesterday afternoon several patients visited the emergency room at Alcoy Hospital, fearing that they had contracted the coronavirus on a recent trip to Italy.

Presenting cold-like symptoms, the patients were all tested and posted negative for the coronavirus.  Their names and contact information was taken, in case it is later necessary to contact them.

Hospital sources have indicated that there is a protocol in place should a suspicious case be detected and that they have isolation rooms ready for such an emergency.

The tests performed on patients in Alcoy would then be sent to the region’s main hospital in Alicante, which would then be responsible for confirming or discarding the results.

With several towns in Italy now under quarantine and fears on the news that the deadly virus would spread, pharmacies in Alcoy are seeing an increased demand for facemasks.


“This morning 20 people have come asking for this article,” said an apothecary.

Most pharmacies are now sold out of the protective masks and are unable to get more in stock due to global demand.

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